Abby Golfo
Experience Designer
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MedMinder is a medical reminder app for elderly people, connecting them with their caregiver(s) and families over long distances.


Course: Interface Prototyping at Georgia Tech
Team Members: N/A
Duration: One month, completed in December 2017

Key Contributions: Researcher, Designer
• I sketched (using pen and paper), wireframed (using Balsamiq), and prototyped (using Photoshop/InVision).
• I created a persona and user journey based on research on elder care.
• I conducted usability testing with target users, distilled the findings, and made design changes.

Home Page

Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram

We sorted description note cards into categories, arranging them by commonalities. We then added topical labels based on these clusters.



Based on research and interviews, I created a persona that presented the experience of a middle-aged woman who lives far away from her elderly mother. The persona captures the goals, frustrations, and background of this woman, Ellen.

Low-Fidelity Prototype

Low-Fidelity Prototype

I used Balsamiq to create a low-fidelity prototype, capturing the main interaction points for the user.

Loading Page Flow

Loading Page Flow

"Missed Medication" Alert

Adding Prescription

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

I conducted in-person usability tests with target users. During the tests, I had the users focus on three particular tasks:

1. toggling between days

2. answering an incoming call and adding a prescription and

3. calling “Mom”.

During usability testing, I focused on both concept/interface and on interaction. It was difficult to find users that matched the persona, but each user had experienced caregiving in some capacity. I would have liked to conduct usability testing with more users who aligned more closely with the persona, but the tests were very helpful in seeing a user’s interaction.